Finding giant post-it pads in France

I had the hardest time finding in France some of those giant office post-it notes that Craig Larman recommends in his Scrum course.
My first guess had been the usual office supply stores in Paris such as Gibert Jeune and various small stores. The best I could find was repositionable whiteboards.

One thing that did not help was that the US name for those beasts is easel pads (or rather Self-Stick Easel Pads), which does not translate well in French. But I did manage to figure out that the name in French stores in something like tableaux POST-IT géants or meeting-chart post-it.
So, where does one find them? Well, I did find 3 online stores (prices are for a set of two packs, taxes not included):

  • real cheap (less than 20 euros), though only the smaller kind is available (2×20 sheets, 50,8 x 58,4 cm); 0,5 euro a sheet (direct link)
  • have the largest kind (2×30 sheets, 63,5 x77,4 cm), though a bit expensive (more than 70 euros); 1.16 euro a sheet (go to the website and run a search on meeting chart post it)
  • finally, for those who prefer buying from well-known stores, offers the smaller ones (2×25 sheets, 50,8 x 58,4 cm) for 30 euros; 0,6 euro a sheet (direct link)

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